Reel cleaning and repair is a multi-step process. When I receive your reel for service, it will be completely disassembled. The parts will then be pre-cleaned and inspected for any wear or damage. If any parts are needed, you will be contacted with an estimate of the costs. After the reel has been disassembled, the bearings will be soaked in a strong solvent to penetrate and break up all deposits of old oil and grit. The rest of the parts will go into an ultrasonic cleaning tank for a deep cleaning of hard to reach areas. After the bearings have soaked, they will be placed on a shaft and spun at high rpm while still submersed in solvent. This will finish the flushing process and they will then be placed in the ultra sonic tank for final cleaning. Your reel will now be reassembled and lubricated with premium grade lubricants. Some of the lubricants we use are, TG's Rocket Fuel oils, Cals universal reel and drag grease, Tungsten Disulfide and TSI 301 .


If I find worn or damaged parts, you will be contacted with an estimate of the cost to replace the parts. I will not replace any parts without prior authorization. If you agree to the cost, I will do the repair and continue with the cleaning process. If you don't want to pay for the cost of the parts, or if they are not available, you will be given the option of having your reel finished with the worn parts, or you can have your reel returned to you by paying only the $10.00 inspection fee. It is important to note that not all reels can be repaired. Many have been discontinued and parts are not available. I will make every effort to locate the needed parts or to find parts that will cross fit from similar reels.


The clean and tune basic service includes a full cleaning of your reel along with some super tuning. Super tuning is the process of polishing friction points to reduce friction and make a reel crank and cast smoother and further than stock reels are capable of. With the basic service level, your reel will be completely cleaned then receive a light polishing of most friction points. The reels will then be lubricated with TG's Rocket Fuel oils.


The clean and pro tune premium service is the highest level of reel cleaning and tuning we offer. This service is for experienced casters who are looking for a truly super free spool. With this service, your reel will get all of the treatments of the basic clean and tune but there is increased emphasis on the spool shaft and spool bearings. The friction points of the spool shaft will be micro sanded and polished with even finer grits than what is used in the basic clean and  tune service. The pro tune premium service also includes the use of advanced, longer lasting lubricants such as Tungsten Disulfide on the friction points and TSI 301 in the spool bearings. After the bearings have been completely cleaned they will be soaked in a treatment designed for stainless steal bearings. This bearing soak bonds to the metal on a molecular level. Stainless steel is actually very porous. This treatment will fill most of the microscopic pores resulting in a smoother surface that will spin with less friction. The bearings will then be lubed with long lasting TSI 301 which is much thinner than traditional oils. The Pro Tune Premium service is best suited for any high quality reel when you want the best performance you can get without spending a lot of money on costly upgrades.


If you are looking for ultimate performance, there are several upgrades that can be done. Most manufacturers use ABEC 3 rated bearings. Stainless steel replacement bearings are available in both ABEC 5 and ABEC 7 ratings. There are several options available with ceramic bearings as well. Contact me for replacement bearing prices. You may also want to consider upgrades to your drag system. There are several new options to upgrade drag performance. 

Price List
   Cleaning and Parts Replacement

Most freshwater baitcast and spinning reels.

Clean and Tune Basic Service : $25.00
Clean and Tune Premium Service : $29.00

Prices are for labor only. Any parts that are replaced will be an extra charge.

There will be an extra charge of $5.00 for reels that are extra dirty or covered with grease and oil. If in doubt, send a picture of the reel for an estimate.

Shipping costs are the customers responsibility. USPS Priority Mail, return shipping cost will be added to the final bill.

Please pick up or pay for your reels promptly after being notified that they are ready. When your reels are done, we will make every reasonable effort to contact you at the contact information you provided. Any reels not paid for within 90 days of notification that they are ready,will be sold or disposed of.

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