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Shipping your reels for service :

Do not send any reels without contacting us first. Turn around times can be very long. Please contact to check current times and to schedule a time to send your reels.

Please remove all line from your reels. we can not properly clean your reel with line on the spool. 

Remember to fill out and enclose one service form for each reel.   
Securely wrap your reels in paper towels or bubble wrap. 

Pack your reels in a suitable size, sturdy box. The post office has free shipping boxes availabe for priority shipping. If you are sending several reels at the same time, you may want to use a flat rate shipping box. 

I prefer to use the United States Post Office for shipping. I have had good results with the priority mail service.  Please send all shipments as signature required. Any shipment insured for $300 or more will automatically require a signature, therefore you don't need to also purchase the signature required option. Unless you request a different shipping option, all return shipping will be USPS priority.

Please send me an e-mail upon shipping your reels. Include any tracking numbers if you purchased that option

Local customers can drop off their reels for service. Call 316-250-3071 to arrange an appointment.

Ship Reels To :


1350 S Stoney Point

Wichita KS 67209